10 principles for good design in exhibition stands

German industrial designer Dieter Rams is perhaps best known for his work with Braun, along with being a key influencer in the functionalist school of industrial design.

In the 1970s, he introduced the idea of increased sustainability and the criminality of obsolescence in design. By working to create designs that were functional but were not wasteful, he came up with his 10 principles for good design.

We wanted to examine these principles and how they apply to design and building exhibition stands. 


1: Good design is innovative

Even if you’re at a trade show with hundreds of other similar businesses, there’s something unique about what you offer. We strive to provide something new and different, attracting visitors and leaving a lasting impression. Your stand will be bespoke, not just a standard design with your branding.

2: Good design makes a product useful

Our exhibition stands and displays are about more than making a statement; we want everything that we provide to be useful and usable. Many of our solutions include sections that can be used individually to accommodate smaller events, or incorporate practical equipment for product displays and demonstrations. 

3: Good design is aesthetic

First impressions always count, and eye-catching or beautiful designs are key to drawing attention to a stand. We want our clients’ displays to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall and attract people who may otherwise not have shown interest in their product. 

4: Good design makes a product understandable

If visitors to your booth don’t understand what you’re offering then you’re already starting on the back foot. By making sure that the concept of what you’re offering is clear even from across the exhibition hall, we’ll help you to generate more viable leads.

5: Good design is unobtrusive

When creating an innovative design, it’s easy to go too far and create something that’s all style and no substance. While we support innovation and are happy to help you to develop creative ideas, we’re careful to avoid anything that will hinder the experience for visitors to your stand.

6: Good design is honest

Little white lies and over-promising are common in sales and advertising. We would always encourage you to create a bond of trust with your customers by demonstrating exactly what your product or service can do and building realistic expectations.

7: Good design is long lasting

Exhibitions have gained a bad reputation for a throwaway culture, with stands often being used only once then discarded. We pride ourselves in creating high-quality displays that can be used time after time in multiple configurations where possible, expanding their usability and lifespan.

8: Good design is thorough down to the last detail 

When you attend an exhibition, your stand is an extension of your company and your product. By creating your display with diligence and attention to detail, we show your customers just how much care you put into your own products and services. 

9: Good design is environmentally friendly

As well creating stands that can be used in different configurations, we design and build with reusability in mind. By using high-quality materials, your display will last much longer than one event season. We also recycle materials in an effort to reduce wastage.

10: Good design is as little design as possible

Creating a flashy design to wow visitors is tempting, but sometimes this can detract from what you’re exhibiting. During the design process, we’ll discuss your ideas and give you the benefit of our expertise to determine when less is more.