We were asked to design and produce an on-brand stand to showcase multiple workwear products, allowing people to handle the product so they can feel the quality and standard. The goal of the stand was to increase brand awareness, distributors and resellers, so the design needed to encourage stand traffic by including interesting features and draws. They also wanted to be able to use the stand at multiple shows and events if needed.

ØRN required areas on the stand for signing up new clients and giveaway storage and display. They also liked the idea of having a catwalk to showcase products... and a LIVE EAGLE on display!

We wanted to make sure ØRN stood out from the crowd at Printwear and Promotion LIVE and knowing that sometimes a brand can get lost among others offering similar products we wanted to avoid this. So we decided to make their brand the very centre of the stand using a landing eagle as the centre piece. This provided the individuality and impact the stand needed. While the areas under the wings are used to display product ranges the path in from to the eagle was used as the product catwalk.

Promotional giveaways were also very important on this stand. We had to find a way to display them and entice people on to the stand without being easily accessible. So we produced a football tube display and the cuddly toy table. The large storeroom allowed them to store pre-inflated footballs along side changing rooms for the catwalk models.

The result... a very pleased client who have now used the stand three times in various configurations.

We recently installed a new stand for ØRN at Multimodal with a high impact hanging graphic that could be seen across the hall. Don’t worry we still had the eagle and a professional football freestyler this time.